Peace and Clarity
Six Week Series with Sam

Do you feel yourself pulled in every direction? Maybe just stretched a little thin? Join us on your mat to reconnect and realign body, mind and spirit. The Peace & Clarity class will include Yoga posture flow, breath work and meditation. This 6 week class is appropriate for beginner-intermediate.

6 Week Series
Friday Mornings 9:30am – 10:30am
Start date: Nov 8th – Dec 13th
Maximum 11 spots

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Aroma Yoga + Chakra Healing Journey
Seven Week Series with Alex 

Get to know your 7 Chakras 💜with a weekly gentle Hatha Yoga & Restorative practice in a peaceful environment. Each week a new chakra and essential oil for that chakra will be introduced with a conversation about utilizing crystals, a pendulum as well as muscle testing to assess your chakras. Restore health to your body, clarity to your mind and peace to your spirit. We invite you to explore…

Chakra – The energy centres or “wheels” that run along the spine represent different levels of consciousness. They serve to link the subtle body to the physical body. When they are blocked, unbalanced or too open or wellness can be compromised.

AYLA (Alex Leikermoser) has been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for 20 years, she works with universal healing energy and applies this to our bodies and our living spaces around us. Her sessions provide opportunity for transformation and shifts to optimum wellness, play and creativity! bio:

7 Week Healing Workshop
Sunday evenings 7-8 pm
Start date: Sun Sept 29th – Nov 17th
Maximum 11 spots