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Downloadable Meditations

Escape the world and tap into your higher self and you journey within.
Chose one of our guided meditations that call to your soul. Ground with mother earth, float up to the moon, nourish your soul, dive deep into your sacred waters.

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We are currently have a few drop in spots for our Sunday Night Yoga class at 7:00pm.
Please contact nat@hwwellness if you are interested in dropping in for some serious awesomeness.



Awaken with AngelsĀ 


Did you know that everyone is born with at least one guardian angel? Did you know that you are constantly surrounded by the love and support of the Archangels and the millions of angels in the universe? Are you curious about that feeling of someone, or something being there giving you a nudge of support or a soft brush against your skin when nobody is actually there?

Its time! Join Laurie at Headwaters Wellness on the evening of Thursday June 7th so that you can finally connect with and learn about your angels and the Angelic Realm. These beautiful beings of love and light have changed Laurie’s life my life and she wants to share her knowledge and experiences. You too can finally connect with these beautiful energetic beings who can give you so much help and support in your life.
During the evening Laurie will touch upon:
Connecting with your guardian angel
Angel Numbers
Angel signs
The Archangels
Her personal stories of the miracles of the angels.

Date: June 7
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: $25
Register online to reserve your spot