Our spirit is the essence of who we are, the non physical part that lies within all of us….. the piece that connects body to our soul.   Our passion is to see each our clients connect with who they truly are and shine their light.

Who we are……

Nat & Cat

The universe brought us together so harmoniously to spread light and love at Headwaters Wellness.

Nat brings softness and light, like a soft white cloud embracing the sun, with a presence that is soothing and calm.

Cat brings warmth and love, like a warm blanket on a cold winters day, with a smile that melts away all of your worries.


More about us……

New Soul Alignment Sessions with Nat 

Soul Alignment is a beauiful blend of intuitive guidance and energetic healing to help you on your souls path.

Each Soul Alignment session is unique based upon the whispers of your soul.  During a session Nat tunes into your energy and see what needs to be shifted on an energetic and emotional level and then offers energetic healing or intuitive guidance. These sessions allow for deep healing to occur emotionally and energetically to allow you to take the next steps on your path. Nat brings a nurturing and uplifting approach to her sessions, leaving her clients feeling like they are floating on a cloud.

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