Sound Therapy

Science has proven that every organ in your body resonates at a specific frequency. Research suggests that, by aiming specific, audible, high intensity frequencies of sound at those organs they would be restored back to health. Vibrational Energy Healing is based on the idea that, when there is a blockage, the organ in question stops vibrating at a healthy frequency and thus it results in some kind of illness or dis-ease.

Through sound therapy one can break up, dissolve and release these blockages and dis-ease that start in our light or etheric body.

Sound helps create the pathway to the place of stillness the same as a mantra helps you to arrive at the still point of meditation. Some of the tools used are voice, drumming, tuning forks and crystal singing bowls.

Amal Benoit is a Holistic Psychotherapist & Vibrational Energy Healer.

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