Soul Alignment

“It is not about changing your colours, it is about the transformation of the soul and the ability to become one with the beauty that surrounds you”

As we watch the transformation of Mother Earth around us with the change of the season we are also shedding layers of ourselves. During the month of October we are offering a pretty sweet discount on our Soul Alignment Healing Sessions (in person or virtually). Use the discount code SOULSHINE when you book a session to receive 20% off.

So what exactly are Soul Alignment Healing Sessions anyway?

Soul Alignment Healing Sessions are a beautiful blend of energetic healing, guided meditation and intuitive guidance to help you on your souls path. These sessions allow for deep healing to occur emotionally and energetically. If you are feeling lost, stuck or just need some nurturing these sessions are perfect for these transformational times. Designed to help clear out old energy and open up channels to allow you to step forward in life with more clarity and confidence.

“Natalie has made such an enormous difference in my life that I’m not even sure I can put it into words. If you are looking for support and guidance that comes from the most loving, accurate and reassuring place than you need to book your ‘Soul Alignment’ appointment today. Natalie is incredibly gifted and intuitive and she has truly helped me align with more balance, healing and joy. I’m SO GRATEFUL that I found her!

Each session is unique and can be booked in person or online. Each session is infused with crystals, cards, essential oils (in person) and guided meditation. If you are craving some TLC and need assistance aligning to the calling of your soul reach out and book a session with Nat.
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