Soul Alignment


Follow the path through the darkness.
Follow the path of your heart.
Follow the light of your soul,
For it will never leave you stranded, with nowhere to go.
~ Nikolina Maiden to Mother Photoart

Sometimes on our journey through life we get lost in the darkness and feel stuck on our path. In order to take the next step on our souls journey we need someone to awaken the light within and illuminate our path.

Soul Alignment

Soul Alignment is a beauiful blend of intuitive guidance and energetic healing to help you on your souls path.

Each Soul Alignment session is unique based upon the whispers of your soul and what lights you up within.  During a session Nat tunes into your energy and see what needs to be shifted on an energetic and emotional level and then offers energetic healing/ intuitive guidance. These sessions allow for deep healing to occur emotionally and energetically to allow you to take the next steps on your path. Nat brings a nurturing and uplifting approach to her sessions, leaving her clients feeling like they are floating on a cloud.

What you can expect during a session:

~ A Sacred Space to Connect on a Spiritual Level
~ Intuitive Guidance
~ Soul Centered Energetic Healing
~ A Card Reading
~ A Private Meditation
~ Use of Crystals to Enhance Healing
~ Use of Nature to Help Integrate the Session

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“Natalie is amazing! I feel exceptionally fortunate to know her. She is an amazing and incredibly gifted soul.

My Soul Alignment Session was on point and very powerful. After our session, I was flying high. I felt amazing yet grounded. Everything she told me resonated so deeply and left me speechless. She suggested that I part with a necklace I was wearing because I energetically needed to let go of it….guess what it broke that very same day!

The suggestions she gave me on how to approach certain areas in my personal and business life connected very strongly and will definitely put them into action. Her delivery is so gentle and nurturing yet straight to the point. I highly, highly recommend her!.” N.


“Recently I have been struggling on an emotional level and reached out to Nat for some help and guidance.

Being the wonderful and gifted person she is offered to do a Soul Alignment Session with me to help in my healing. I went in with an open mind and Nat tuned into my energy and received messages to help clear blocks I may have had.

During our session Nat provided some very intuitive guidance for me that will help me heal and live a happier, healthier life. I walked away with some knowledge on how to heal past wounds and forgive myself for things I was still holding on to.

I am thankful that Nat is so in tune with her gifts and is able to help others!” P.