Candlelight Mindful Yoga & Sound Healing with Reiki & Essential oils

Wed March 5th

Join Sound Healer Amal Benoit and Yoga Guide Breanna Mashinter-Benoit for an evening of embodied healing.
This event will provide the optimal environment for deep nourishment and healing. The healing vibrations of sound accompany the deep nourishment of a flowing practice of a mindful movement practice grounded in the principles of embodiment, awareness, and intentional breath.
Through weaving mindful movement, reiki, sound and aromatherapy we can shift the patterns of our mind and body from excessive states of “doing” to states of deep relaxation, receptivity, acceptance and presence. From this place, we can open up to powerful connections and self healing.
The frequencies of the instruments, fused with the therapeutic quality of mindful yoga and reiki can reconfigure the nervous system and profoundly impact the cells, organs, and brain waves. As the vibrations stimulate the alpha and theta brainwaves, we experience a state of deep meditation and balance in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.
Some of the instruments that will be used: crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, rattles, chimes and drums,

Location: Headwaters Wellness
Time: 7pm - 830pm
Cost: $30/person
Space is limited so please register online!
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