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Sometimes on our journey through life, we get lost in the darkness and feel stuck on our path. In order to take the next steps on our souls journey, we need someone to awaken the light within and illuminate our path. Our children are our greatest teachers and I have […]

Follow the Path of Your Soul

Since I was little I have always been a sensitive soul. I am an empath and feel all the feels. I am an introvert at heart. Often times this shyness was misunderstood. I was so in tune with other people’s energy I used to protect myself by retreating because otherwise […]

Heart Song

        Customer Appreciation ~ Spa Night Join us for an evening of papering at Headwaters Wellness! As a thank you to our customers we giving back to you. Show up in your PJs, bring a friend and enjoy complimentary treatments on us! ~ Melt your worries away […]

Thank you!

                                      A few days ago we lost a very special member of our family, our beautiful dog Lager. We are heart broken :(… really don’t realize how much they have an impact […]


      Loving ourselves is perhaps the most difficult practice of all. We give so much! So much to our families, so much to our work….we are empaths, healers and dreamers. No matter what type of work you do, all of us have a sacred medicine. But how often […]

Love and Light

  From the moment I became a healer, I always dreamt of creating a space to help individuals on a different level…way beyond healing the physical! Headwaters Wellness was my dream but I had no idea how far my intentions would manifest. My dream of creating a Wellness Centre started […]

The Power of Mind (Body and Spirit)

Nature is where we start as Osteopaths. To understand how the body is divinely built and how it abides by the laws of nature. I was recently blessed to take time away from life, on a trip to Belize, to reconnect with myself and nature. After four years of school […]

Let nature take flight

  I got a surge of energy today to write a blog post. Lately, I have had the same message delivered to me by by so many clients of Headwaters Wellness about how beautiful our space is.  It is honestly more than I could ever image, a dream come true […]

Manifesting Your Dreams

  What if you had a little bottle of sunshine to take with you where ever you go. To make you happy when skies are grey.  A little bottle that you can fill up with happiness each and everyday. To fill up with what makes you happy – a smile […]

little bottle of sunshine