There is so much magic that lies within the body and its ability to heal. At Headwaters Wellness we help ignite the healing process through our work. We offer Osteopathy, Reflexology and Vibrational Energy Healing that offer healing for the body (mind and spirit).

Our bodies are pretty spectacular! So many tiny molecules and so many moving parts that work in harmony.

Osteopathic manual therapy enhances movement, balances the structure and tissues of the body to allow your bodies natural healing and regulation abilities to kick in.   Proper alignment allows for proper functioning of structures, flow of blood, nerves, hormones and energy. This synergy ignites the healing process within and makes your body feel lighter, whole and relaxed.

Reflexology assists in cleansing the body of toxins and increases circulation which helps to supply nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It helps to boost the immune system and brings an overall sense of balance to the mind and body.

Energy Healing helps balancing the body’s energy fields to promote deep states of relaxation that accelerates the body’s natural healing process.  Increasing vibration of cells and allows for healing at a cellular level.

Nourish your body and sooth your soul with our services ……

Energy Healing